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What and how? Part I

Lets talk about what is actually done behind the scenes and what it means. Starting with..... HTV, or heat transfer vinyl.

HTV is a special vinyl that can be applied to fabric. There are some restrictions when it comes to materials that it can be applied to, but cotton, polyester or mix is the most popular choice. HTV lets you transfer text and simple images onto garmet. It is applied with heat, as the name suggests, and is considered a permanent method of personalisation. I compare it to a permanent hair dye. Even though it might say it's permanent, it will enventually wash off. If you take proper care of your items, it can last a long time though. It's recommended that items are not washed in hot water, neither should they be tuble dried. It is also recommended that when ironing, the clothing should be turned inside out. Why? It's pretty simple! As this type of vinyl is applied using heat, it can also come off when heat is applied. By putting clothing with HTV in tumble dryer you risk vinyl starting to peel off.

There's various types of HTV - plain, patterned, glitter... All to make your design stand out!

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